Turncoat Brewing Company

Flagship Beers

Here at Turncoat, we are proud of every beer we release, whether it’s our seasonal offerings, one-off experiments, or our line of Frankenbrews. Our flagship beers are no different!

You can get your hands on these beers every day of the year…

Our Flagship Beers

Image of a can of Pillow Fort beer by Turncoat Brewing Company

Pillow Fort

Pillow Fort Oat Pale Ale is a flagship beer offered by Turncoat Brewing Company. This beer has a pillowy soft mouthfeel with a crisp, refreshing, hop-forward flavour.

Copper Rocker is an Amber Ale by Turncoat Brewing Company.

Copper Rocker

Copper Rocker Amber Ale is a rich flagship beer from Turncoat Brewing Company!

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