About Turncoat Brewing Co.

Turncoat Brewing Company is a brewery-first operation specializing in creating small-batch, premium-quality craft beers and experimental ales. The small batch method allows us to use premium quality ingredients that make beers that push the boundaries of craft brewing.

About Turncoat Brewing Company Image. Stephen Vukovics and Matt Richter brewing beer, 2022.

It Started Here

Turncoat Brewing Company began from a love of brewing home beers. Started in 2012 as a small-scale homebrew system, Stephen Vukovics began brewing all-grain beer recipes in his garage, 5 gallons at a time. Later joined by Matt Richter, they began producing flagship beers, including their Blonde, Stout, Steam and Amber style beers. In addition, they have also made seasonal beers, including Milkshake IPAs, Kettle Sours and Aged Winter beers.

In 2015 Thomas(Tom)  Garnett, an avid appreciator of the beer brewed by Matt and Stephen, came aboard. The three coalesced their ideas with Tom on board and identified this as a viable business opportunity. Thus, Turncoat Brewing Company was born.

A Beer For Everyone

Turncoat Brewing Company aims to provide craft beer for every palate, from people new to the craft scene to the beer connoisseur. Our staff will always be knowledgeable about the beer being served and can answer any of your questions.

We strive to build a community of people who can share a space and experience in a fun and friendly environment. We expect to be leaders in creating a product that speaks for itself and draws people to it. We want to make beer that people will come to enjoy. Therefore, we will never sacrifice the quality of our beer for a cheaper option.

About Turncoat Brewing Company Image. Hand holding two cans of Turncoat Brewing Company beer. Pillowfort and Farmhouse.
About Turncoat Brewing Company Image. Two Turncoat Brewing Company beers, Pillowfort and Copper Rocker, lying down horizontal on a wood surface.

We Are Set Apart

Turncoat is set apart through:

Our Team

Thomas Garnett