Turncoat Brewing Company

Small Batch Beers

Our small Batch series of beers is where we at Turncoat like to delve into more adventurous styles and tastes. 

While not every person will love every small batch creation, there will always be something for everyone. From stouts and porters to wildly hopped IPAs, fruited ales, and kettle sours, there is never a dull moment around the brewery.

Some of these brews will respect traditional brewing styles to the letter, while others will throw away the rule book and leave you wanting more (or make you want to leave). Jokes aside, we like to play with the boundaries of brewing, push expectations, and have fun with what we do. After all, beer is supposed to be fun! 

Check back often for our past and present lineup of small-batch offerings available at the brewery… we won’t be held responsible if you miss one! 

Our Small Batch Beers

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