Copper Rocker

Dry amber ale, hoped with Centennial and Citra for a hop forward finish and a roasty malt backbone.
Copper Rocker is an Amber Ale and is one of the flagship offerings from Turncoat Brewing Company. This ale may look like a big beer, but drinks very easy due to its dry finish. It is a ruby red amber ale with outstanding clarity and medium body. This beer features roasted malts and showcases rich malty flavours that are juxtaposed with light citrusy hop notes. The use of specialty malts provides the light toasty flavours of caramel and coffee. Centennial and Citra hops offer bright citrus flavours, which bring balance to this ale. Copper Rocker is the first beer ever brewed by the boys at Turncoat, and is sure to surprise the tastebuds with its simple, satisfying complexity. We hope you like it as much as we do!
Copper Rocker is an Amber Ale by Turncoat Brewing Company.


Ruby red amber ale with outstanding clarity.


Lightly toasted malt aroma with notes of coffee and citrus.


Light caramel and coffee notes, but with very little sweetness. This dry, amber ale features a roasted malt character and features a delicate citrusy hop backbone which adds depth and complexity to the beer.


Light effervescence, with a medium body.


Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast


Centennial, Citra




Copper Rocker is an Amber Ale by Turncoat Brewing Company.

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