Matthew Richter

Matthew Richter is one-half of the brain behind Turncoat’s brews.

Matthew Richter

is a secondary school science teacher by day and a brewer and dad the rest of the time. Matt was born and raised in Niagara and spent a few years teaching overseas in the United Kingdom before settling home in St. Catharines. A graduate of McMaster University, his interest in science (specifically Biology) led Matt to his fascination with fermentation and brewing. He has developed this passion ever since his first sip of homebrewed beer.
In his time living in the United Kingdom, Matt was able to travel around England tasting the best ‘real ales’ that each region had to offer. His proximity to the rest of Europe also allowed him to tour other beer capitals, such as the Czech Republic for the finest Pilsners, Belgium for its renowned Trappist and Abbey Ales, and Ireland for their unmatched Stouts, to name a few. Upon returning home, Matt and his brother-in-law Stephen Vukovics quickly began learning to brew and develop the best craft beers they could.

Matt and Steven have crafted several styles that continue to impress those they share them with, including their friend Tom Garnett with whom they built this business. They have been enhancing their skills, recipes, and equipment for several years and feel confident that what they produce can stand up to the best beers commercially available.
Stephen Vukovics brewing beer. Stirring mash in metal pot for beer.

Stephen Vukovics

Stephen Vukovics began brewing beer in his garage in 2012 with Matthew Richter. Later, Thomas Garnett joined, creating Turncoat Brewing Co.